Depending upon how you intend to use Swingcorder, you must perform one or both of the following steps:

The second step can be omitted if you only plan to replay existing Swingcorder scripts, such as during continuous integration (CI) processing. In that scenario you can also choose the smaller playback-only Swingcorder JAR file instead of the larger JAR that supports both recording and playback through an IDE plugin. These options are summarized below, and the corresponding artifacts can be downloaded from this page:

Swingcorder Library

In order to use Swingcorder with your Java application you must download and add to your application's classpath one the JAR files in this section:

Full Function Library

Playback-Only Library

Version JAR File
1.2.0 (Latest) swingcorder-1.2.0.jar
1.1.0 swingcorder-1.1.0.jar
1.0.0 swingcorder-1.0.0.jar
0.9.0 swingcorder-0.9.0.jar
Version JAR File
1.2.0 (Latest) swingcorder-replay-1.2.0.jar
1.1.0 swingcorder-replay-1.1.0.jar
1.0.0 swingcorder-replay-1.0.0.jar
0.9.0 swingcorder-replay-0.9.0.jar

Integrated Development Environment Plugin

To control script recording and playback through your IDE you must install the appropriate Swingcorder plugin.


The Eclipse plugin using any of these techniques:

  1. Through the Eclipse Marketplace.
  2. Using the update site URL provided below.
  3. By downloading a copy of the update JAR file to your local file system and using it to perform the installation.

Update Site URL

Update Site JAR

Version Update Site URL
1.2.0 (Latest)
Version Update Site JAR
1.2.0 (Latest) swingcorder-update-1.2.0.jar
1.1.0 swingcorder-update-1.1.0.jar
1.0.0 swingcorder-update-1.0.0.jar
0.9.0 swingcorder-update-0.9.0.jar